We believe in the transformative power of thoughtful design. Our goal is to provide environments and tools for people to learn and grow.

Mitchener Architecture and Design is a family firm based in sunny Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We specialise in residential architecture, urbanism, and contemporary furniture.

About Andrew Mitchener

Andrew is an Architectural Designer, with a background in Film. He’s interested in architecture at all scales, and has been involved in advising a number of cities on urban issues, as well as working on numerous residential projects, and the occasional commercial one.

Contact: andrew@mitchener.co.nz

About Ruth Mitchener

Ruth is a multiple-award winning industrial designer, with experience in UX. She earned the Victoria University Medal for Academic Excellence, along with first class honors as a graduate of Industrial Design at Victoria University of Wellington.

Contact: ruth@mitchener.co.nz


Contact us:

info@mitchener.co.nz | +64 21 0227 7765